hi, my name is 
sherif abushadi

is there such a thing as being addicted to learning? if there is, I am.
I've led projects, teams and workshops for companies like Stripe, Microsoft, Verizon, The Home Depot, Nationwide Insurance and Caterpillar as well as several US federal agencies including the Dept. of Education, the Dept. of Labor, the Dept. of Homeland Security, the Library of Congress and the Federal Aviation Administration.
Over the past 25 years I've taught more than 15,000 adults (both in person and online) how to design and build software solutions for the web using a number of programming languages and platforms with an agile mindset.
I've also had the pleasure of advising coding bootcamps around the world, including schools in Egypt, Finland, Kenya, Mexico, Ukraine and Brazil on their early stage strategy, design and program development.

I'm a big fan of Seymour Papert's constructionism and see the recent tsumani of immersive coding bootcamps as the market's endorsement of this approach. Emotionally-engaging group experiences focused on projects and play is the key to detoxing from our performance-based miseducation. Learning was never better than when we were 3 years old.
I'm also a fan of Dr. Sivasailam Thiagarajan's games by Thiagi for group forming and norming, dissolving status and cultural barriers and generally having a good time with groups of people. Checkout BARNGA if you're not familiar, it's a hoot.
Almost all my students ask about this so I'll share that, when reading, I speed up to cure boredom and slow down to stoke interest. That is, I change my learning strategy in response to how I'm feeling. For some reason most adults don't do this -- they just seem to beat themselves over the head with whatever learning materials are handed to them until they're satisfied the pain won't stop or just go numb I guess.
When teaching, I encourage people to explore their emotional reactions to learning because so many of us have been trained to compete loudly for shallow successes while hiding our confusion about deeper, more meaningful challenges behind a thick wall of shame. As it turns out, most of us aren't struggling with the complexity of the subject at all, but with the volume of the voices in our heads trying to convince us that we're not enough, or too much, or whatever else our body-memory picked up over the years from people with unrestrained access to the record button.
It often surprises people to hear that I actually enjoy feeling confused. I think it's because somewhere along the line I convinced myself that the feeling of confusion is the last recognizable milestone before we learn something new. Most adults seem to turn away when they notice a feeling of confusion, as if something is happening too quickly for them and it needs to stop. To me it seems a lot like going running and stopping as soon as your breathing changes because you're convinced it's not healthy to breathe quickly.
Embrace the confusion -- it's what aerobic exercise feels like in your head.


Working on tough problems with motivated teams is great fun, especially when the quietest person in the room speaks up and surprises us.

The Home Depot
Mary Kay
Department of Education
Department of Labor
Department of Homeland Security
Federal Aviation Administration
The Library of Congress


Approaching from afar, the forest (of knowledge) appears as one thing. On arriving, many. Only then can we become the squirrel and go nuts!

Adjunct Professor
 at John's Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD
100+ students
Delivery of several semester-long courses covering multiple technologies like Visual Basic (desktop), Cold Fusion (web), Javascript and SQL.
Lead Instructor & Consultant
 at Santeon
3 clients
Washington DC
100+ students
Course design and delivery to clients in the DC metro area
Lead Instructor & Training Manager
 at K2
150+ clients
US & Canada
2000+ students
Course design and delivery for clients and partners across US and Canada
Lead Instructor & Director, New Programs
 at Dev Bootcamp
San Francisco, CA
1500+ students
Cohort leadership, teacher mentorship and new program design from orientation to graduation in Ruby and Javascript
Head of Education
 at NEAR Foundation
layer 1 crypto
Istanbul, Turkey
10,000+ students
Scoping, design and delivery of high performance learning experiences for the NEAR ecosystem.
Principal Consultant
 at The Talent Lab
Haarlem, Netherlands
High performance learning experiences for companies, teams and individuals who want to do more than just keep up
student feedback
[2001 - 2016]


I would like my students to experience nothing less than personal transformation, to break through to a more capable version of themselves and to take refreshing naps once in a while.

citizen developer

learn to think like a developer without writing a line of code

3 days long, this course was created in 2014 for a select group of Kaplan managers who lead teams of hundreds of developers

full stack javascript

an orientation to full stack JavaScript for developers

6 weeks long, this course was created in 2015 for a large population of experienced software developers at a well known Fortune 100

think like an engineer

self-efficacy through a deeper understanding of engineering

2 days long, this course was created in 2016 for a diverse audience of sales, support and partnership teams at Stripe


I'm most interested in the intersection of software and education. The Northwest corner, specifically. Let's meet there!

I'd love to help you design, build or teach something. You can reach me via email or LinkedIn (below).

I'm also happy to meet new people and connect them with my network as appropriate.
Haarlem, Netherlands
sherif | amgando.org